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OCT scans allow us to see beneath the surface of your eye, making them over 5 times more effective than regular eye exams.

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"I could have gone blind or had a stroke at any time if I had left it any longer" - Suzanne Delve, patient

Patient, Suzanne Delve, and optometrist, Sohail Hakim, from Hakim Group practice Alan Miller Optometrists Irlam, on discovering a life-threatening condition from a case of blurry vision.

"Given that he was admitted on the spot and found to have suffered a stroke I don't think it's hyperbole to say it may have saved his life" - Iain Milne, Optometrist Director

Patient Robert Adams, 75, and optometrist, Iain Milne, from Ellerker Opticians, a Hakim Group practice in Shrewsbury, on identifying signs of a stroke

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