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Children's Eyecare

We offer friendly, thorough eye examinations for babies through to teens at our practice. If you are worried about your children's eyesight, or they are due for their next eye test, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Child having her eyes tested

Monitoring The Development Of Your Child’s Vision

Managing eye care throughout childhood is vital because children’s eyes are still developing and so much of what they learn and experience is visual.


We are a family-friendly practice dedicated to providing the best quality eye care to patients of all ages.

child wearing new glasses
kid having his eye sight tested

Kid’s Eye Tests

An important part of taking care of your children’s eyes is taking them in for regular eye tests. Our eye tests for kids are designed to assess their vision in line with normal patterns of development and to look out for different eye conditions that may be developing. We keep our tests simple and interactive so they work for even our youngest patients.


NHS examinations are also completely free for children under 16 and teenagers under 19 in full-time education.

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Glasses For Children

Children and teenagers have their own set of needs and requirements when picking out a new pair of glasses. We ensure that our range includes something for everyone in terms of style, comfort and durability.


Our team are always eager to offer expert advice and information to help you and your kids make a decision you’re happy with.

kid wearing new glasses
boy wearing glasses
What Is Myopia And Why Is It A Problem?

Myopia, or short-sightedness, refers to a type of vision where things in the background appear blurry or unfocused. Myopia can be a serious form of vision impairment that tends to grow worse over time and can affect every aspect of a child’s life. It is also becoming more common in recent years with children spending more time indoors and using screens.


With recent advances in lens technology, myopia is also being more effectively treated and controlled using specialised contact lenses and spectacle lenses.


We offer MiSight contact lenses from Coopervision as well as Ortho K contact lenses, which are child-friendly and have shown to effectively slow the progression of myopia over time. 

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