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Contact Lenses

Convenient and comfortable, contact lenses provide many people with an alternative to their glasses. If you are a contact lens wearer, or you'd like to try them for the first time, get in touch to see how we can help. 

portrait of man wearing contact lenses

Change Your Style With Contact Lenses

If designer frames don’t appeal to you or glasses don’t suit your active lifestyle, contact lenses are a better option than ever before. Almost everyone can now wear lenses comfortably and effectively and there are options available for every type of user and lifestyle. Whatever you’re looking for out of contact lenses, we’ll help you find it.

woman holding contact lens on her fingertips
close up image of a contact lens

Contact Lens Assessments

Contact lens assessments include a full set of eye tests to determine whether you can wear lenses and which type will best suit you.


Aside from testing your vision and eye health, your optometrist will also ask you about your family history, lifestyle and any symptoms you’re experiencing to ensure you get precisely the right lenses.


You will have ample time to discuss your options and ask for any information you might need.

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The Different Types Of Contact Lenses

We offer a wide variety of contact lenses so each unique patient can get lenses that work for their vision and eyes.


As well as every major type of soft and rigid lens for all prescriptions, we offer specialist lenses including Ortho K overnight vision correction lenses, MiSight myopia control lenses and lenses designed for specific conditions like keratoconus.


In short, we’ll almost always be able to find lenses to suit your needs as a patient.

contact lenses at paul cheetham opticians
Special contacts
Specialist Contact Lenses

We undertake complex contact lens fittings for clinical eye conditions such as keratoconus, post corneal graft or those patients requiring a prosthetic approach. Specialised lenses can be prescribed which are custom made. Such lens designs include bespoke rigid designs, hybrid designs, scleral designs or hand painted lenses.

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contact lens packaging for aftercare
Aftercare And Advice

Part of our contact lens service is providing aftercare to all of our patients. Eyes are extremely sensitive so it’s of vital importance to ensure that your eyes and still healthy and your prescription is still correct after getting contact lenses.


Advanced aftercare is part of our £9.95 per month contact lens payment plan which also includes:


●        Home delivery

●        20% Glasses Discount

●        Free Trials of Latest Contact Lenses

●        Free Replacement Contact Lenses

●        Lens Solutions

●        Flexibility with payment dates

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