Paul Cheetham Eyecare help to save sight of patient after emergency appointment

Patient Syed Shah following treatment at Paul Cheetham Eyecare
Patient Syed Shah following treatment at Paul Cheetham Eyecare

Optometrist Faheem Sarfraz has helped to save the sight of a patient within practice and without having to send them to hospital, decreasing the pressure on the NHS.

Syed Shah was referred to Paul Cheetham Eyecare, on Lord Square, Yorkshire Street after he was suffering pain, light sensitivity and redness in his left eye.

During a video consultation, Optometrist Faheem Sarfraz could see how much discomfort Syed was in, so he decided to book him in for an appointment in person immediately.

During the appointment, Faheem diagnosed that Syed was suffering from uveitis, an inflammatory condition which, if left untreated, can cause blindness in the affected eye.

Optometrist Faheem Sarfraz
Optometrist Faheem Sarfraz

This would normally result in Faheem referring a patient to the hospital eye clinic, but instead of adding extra pressure to the NHS and due to his qualification in Independent Therapeutic Prescribing, he decided to treat him in practice instead.

As an Independent Therapeutic Prescribing Optometrist, Faheem can prescribe necessary medication to a patient without them having to even leave the practice. Mr Shah was therefore able to receive eye drops that reduced his eye pain significantly.

Now fully on the road to recovery, Syed is extremely thankful for Faheem’s treatment and care.

He said: “Before going to the practice, it was almost like a knife was going into my eye, I was in that much pain. But after Faheem gave me the eye drops, within 20 minutes I was feeling so much better.

“I realise now how important it is that the practice is open because they are helping the NHS; they’re seeing patients every day so are relieving the pressure on them.

“Faheem has called me regularly since to check on me and to remind me of the treatment plan and upcoming appointments, so I’m very thankful to him and I really appreciate how he has helped me.”

As well as emergency appointments, the team at Paul Cheetham Eyecare are also providing deliveries of emergency glasses and contact lenses. The practice’s website has also been updated so that customers can purchase specs which are delivered to their door.

Optometrist Faheem Sarfraz said: “It’s very important that, as opticians, we’re here for our patients in case they need an emergency pair of glasses or, as in Syed’s case, they’re experiencing a serious eye problem.

“If you do have a problem with your eyes, get in contact with us we are the best people to speak to, and with our new video and phone consultations we are able to deal with your issue remotely.

“Should you need to come in for an emergency or essential appointment, all of our team members have the required PPE, maintain social distancing and follow through infection control measures so, rest assured, it will be a safe environment for you.”

To contact Paul Cheetham Eyecare, you can call the team on 01706 647119.

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